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Look around less, imagine more.

Look around less, imagine more.

Are you a creator? You need to create.

Look around less, imagine more. -- Esther Hicks

What triggers those light bulb moments for you? Do more of that.

Are you not a creator? It’s even more important that you create.

Look around less, imagine more. — Esther Hicks

Consume, watch, listen, absorb, attend, examine, compare, see, view, look.


Is that the order? Do you need to do all of those before you can create? What are the proportions? All of those “inward” actions before the single “outward” action? Is it 90% / 10%? 80/20? 50/50? 20/80? What should it be? Is there even a formula? Does anyone know buy you?

Tip for how to look around less? Close your eyes.

Can you create from nothing? What is nothing? Let me know when you achieve “nothingness” and I’d bet that you can create something from nothing. I’d bet because I’m fairly certain you can’t get to nothing and if you even tried, you’d find so much that you’d create like never before.

So why don’t we create more? Are we too busy looking? Maybe we’re too busy creating from something. Why don’t we create all the time? Do we need to consume to have something to create? Probably.

Why don’t we do it all the time? Because we think it’s hard. It is hard. But then it’s not.

  • If you don’t believe me, you haven’t yet created something from nothing.
  • If you believe me, you might only need this reminder.
  • If you’re smilingly skeptical, you’re ready.


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