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Lucy. What if we could use even just a little more of our brain power?

Lucy. What if we could use even just a little more of our brain power?

How much do we use? How do we know? What if we could tap into more?

Even just a little more?

It’s Sunday. I just arrived in Vienna after 7 full (as in 12-hour+ full) days of writing, plotting, marketing, and planning my 2018 writing life. With the evening free and so tired I could barely keep my eyes open, a movie sounded like just the trick. Lucy came into my life.

Lucy was abducted and then used as a drug mule by the (really) bad guys. But this wasn’t just any old drug, this was something that could potentially use more of our brains. I’m not sure they bad guys really knew it, but what they had in their hands (or rather, in Lucy’s intestines) was testing the potential of our brain’s powers–and our imaginations.

How far apart are they? Our brain and our imagination?

Having tapped into a new series this past week (Charlie Holiday) as well as rekindled a long-standing one (Li & Lu), I’m toying with just how much “power” the characters have. I don’t want to make it so much that it’s all just fantasy to the point where the reader says, “Well, that’s all just make believe anyway.”

I want the reader to think, to ponder, to wonder, “Huh. Is that really possible? Even just maybe? Just a little bit possible?”

But then I want them to ask themselves: Is that possible for me?

Lucy, meet Charlie Holiday. You guys should talk. I’ll leave you alone for now.

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