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My favorite part was when … 

My favorite part was when … 

 … Harry Potter was just figuring out that he had magical powers.

A friend of mine told me this the other night. I had to agree with him. Why? Because this is when a “normal” person (like us) finds out that they’re maybe not so normal after all.

We wonder if:

  1. That could really happen. If we think it might, then we ask:
  2. If that could really happen to us.

This is what makes it relatable to use mere mortals, us humans, us regular, normal people. 

When someone goes from normal to beyond normal it makes it more interesting because we think about what if that person were us.

Once Harry could fly and cast spells and fight the evil warlocks, he was far beyond anything that we could imagine. But back when he was in the house, back in the regular world, then we could relate to him better.

Sure, Harry is far more exciting once he has his powers, but he’s off to another level. Now he’s a super hero or a witch or a ________ something that we can’t really relate to anymore. Well, other than the fact that we knew him back when he was normal.

This is where I am with my main character, Charlie Holiday. He’s just getting used to having some powers, but I’d like to string it along a little more or maybe go back in time to when he didn’t have them. Answer questions such as:

  1. Why was he “chosen” to have magical powers?
  2. Or did he do something to be chosen? Was it random? Is there something that we can do to be chosen, too?
  3. When did he realize there was no turning back?
  4. How did having the powers change his perspective, his actions, his life?
  5. What’s he going to do with them now?

It’s also one of my favorite parts because I too want to imagine the possibilities.

What’s your favorite part of a fantasy story?

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