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Do best-selling books need a book sales page?

Do best-selling books need a book sales page?

If you’re already a best-selling author and selling loads of books, do you even need a Book Sales Page?

In researching the best Book Sales Pages (or Book Landing Pages) for our upcoming course, “Book Sales Pages that Sell Books,” I found that some of the best-selling books don’t even have a sales page.

How are people finding them? How can they sell books without a page to sell books from?

There’s a “point of no return” or “critical mass” that the best-selling authors have reached. Once they’re there, the “book sell themselves.” There’s a momentum that is reached where people are talking about the book, interviewers want to interview the author and the topic of the book becomes a topic thanks to the book (instead of trying to make a topic to steer someone towards the topic of a book).

The books are then found through other channels:

  1. Articles written about the books,
  2. Interviews with the author about the book,
  3. Reviews written about the book,
  4. Shares and mentions on social media.

So can you, ahem, we not-quite-best-selling authors do that the best-selling authors aren’t doing?

  1. They aren’t asking to be written up in articles, so we can provide writers with topics that are interesting to their readers and related to our books.
  2. What are interviewers looking for? If they want to interview the best-selling author, is it only because they’re best selling? There must be something about the book that’s making that interviewer pick up the phone. What is it? Find that and call them if you’re not famous enough yet.
  3. If they’re not clamoring to review your book, it comes down to this: you’re going to need to ask for reviews. There are also lots of book groups who are always looking for books to review. Google it.
  4. If your content isn’t being shared, how can you make sharing even easier? Catchy headlines to help promote the sharing process? Even a contest of some sort of “gamification” to make it more attractive for your potential fans to spread to more fans.

So until you’re one of those Best Selling Authors, it might be a good idea to build the best Book Sales Page so you can be sure to convert more leads to your site into readers of your book.

Do best-selling books need a book sales page?

Do best-selling books need a book sales page?

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