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Stop running and start thinking.

Stop running and start thinking.

Are you using your legs or using your brain?

Measure twice and drill once. Break out the city map. Think before you speak, before you act, before you search. Use that brain to make your journey shorter or more efficient.

My son and his friend are somewhere in the store, but it’s a big store. How can I find them? (Answer below … )

How much of your day is spinning on the hamster wheel? How much of it is analyzing the benefit of that spinning and planning on how tomorrow is going to be better. Could you possibly spin less if you worked on efficiency or effectiveness? Have you tried.

Writing Prompt Tip: You see a sign or take a photo that immediately tells a story. But it might be a story that needs your perspective or a little background. Write it out–and do it soon while the thought is fresh.

Use your brain, not your legs. [Finally found my boys just where I thought they'd be.]

Use your brain, not your legs. [Finally found my boys just where I thought they’d be.]

The next time you’re looking for something, whether it be a new job, your car keys or your kids in a giant warehouse, stop walking and think. “If I were a 9-year old boy, where would I be?” As soon as I stopped using my feet and my legs (which I had just done to get me a full two laps through the store), I stopped and thought about that exact question, “Where would I be hanging out?”

Sure enough. I smiled as it dawned on me. It’s Saturday. They have televisions here. Televisions with live programming. It’s October. My son is a college football fanatic. I walked slowly towards the TV section and they weren’t worried about me, concerned about how long they had been there or have a care in the world.

“Dad, it’s Syracuse against Pittsburg,” he said excitedly as he finally acknowledged my existence. I only smiled and made a mental note about how much more energy we use with our feet than with our brains.


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