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How one app has catapulted me to Rockstar Dad status.

How one app has catapulted me to Rockstar Dad status.

Shrieks of joy, high fives and “You’re the best dad in the world!” and all for the low low price of $119.

Yes, you too can bribe, I mean, win over, I mean, show your love and appreciation for your children with a simple tap on a screen. They will love you forevermore (or at least until the subscription runs out) and you can again stand tall as your family’s fearless co-leader. Ah, I bask in the brightness of joy and am showered in their unconditional love for me.

Wait, is “unconditional” the one where they love me no matter what? I’m sorry, I meant ” … am showered in their conditional love for me.”

In one fell swoop, I have managed to:

  1. Solve our issue of too much video game time,
  2. Curb some of the homesickness for the States,
  3. Reenergize my son’s statistics-hungry brain,
  4. Replaced mind-numbing games on screens with mind-blowing sports,
  5. Reinvigorated the imagination with the unexpected outcomes of surprises of sports,
  6. Brought Steph Curry back into our lives.

I realize, it’s a lot. With just a click (and a credit card). I’ll probably get into the fatherly hall of fame.

Now, if we could just get the In-N-Out app to deliver across the Atlantic Ocean, I’d probably be knighted or maybe the boys would commission a bronze statue of me for the hallway. Nah, they’d probably commission a bigger-than-life bronze of a Double Double Cheeseburger.

It’s a process

P.S. Almost forgot: NBA Team Choice. If you do live outside of the U.S., make sure to buy the app with the same country settings as your devices or at least where your have an iTunes account. In other words, I bought it in Europe so needed to create a Dutch iTunes account to download the app and have it recognize my account. Yeah, that last part took me the better part of the morning. Already the bronze bust in the hallway was tarnishing …


  1. Mom

    Whatever it takes… is it a game that neighborhood kids can play or what?

    • Bradley

      I realize my description is a little cryptic. It’s the NBA app where we can watch NBA (basketball) games from anywhere–even in Europe!


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