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When it’s not going right, do you know what’s wrong?

When it’s not going right, do you know what’s wrong?

Something’s not right.

That’s a good start (recognizing something is wrong), but do you know what that something is?

And can you fix it?

For me, I know what it is, but I’m not fixing it.

It’s so simple, yet less easy. Remember that from the “Every Single Day” book?

Simple but not easy.

Flying to the moon is simple (launch rocket, fly through space, land) but not easy (build rocket, deal with gravitational pull).

There are two things I’m not doing in the mornings that are screwing with my day (and thus, life/productivity and, frankly, happiness).

  1. Meditation: too short, too hurried, too “going through the motions.”
  2. Fiction (writing): ha, could have same as above. But mostly, too short.

What’s causing this? Let’s have a look at a recent post.

That pretty much explains it.

  1. To bed later.
  2. Wake up later.

There goes my meditation time and (early morning) writing time.

How to fix it? It’s actually both simple and easy: cut down on Homeland. Or … binge until it’s done and don’t start a new series. But it’s fun as we’re watching as a family. (Yes, I realize it’s not exactly made for kids … yeah. Anyway.)

What’s your simple? What’s your easy?

What’s holding you back that you recognize and can simply and easily fix? And why aren’t you doing it?

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