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The Project Hopper

The Project Hopper

Just toss your projects in and what comes out is what you work on. Simple.

I have so many ideas!

Oh, wait, there’s another one!

I can’t finish anything I start.

I don’t know which project to focus on.

Which one is going to be my passion project?

Which project is going to make short-term cash?

How do I know which partner I should use for which project?

Any of these sound familiar?

If you’re an entrepreneur and struggle not with coming up with ideas, but executing (and especially finishing) them is where you could use a little help, the Project Hopper is something you need in your workspace.

It runs on a single electrical outlet, churns quietly and even hums like a soothing outboard motor on an open lake and it only takes a few hours to learn which project you should focus on.

It’s also a “smart” appliance, meaning that it learns as you work with it. When it learns that the project it suggested for making a killing in the publishing world really worked out well, it then knows what types of projects to focus on.

Go ahead, give it a demo run. Toss in your projects and let ‘er rip!

P.S. I’m filing this under “Tools I Wish I Invented.” 

Just toss in all of your projects and what rises to the top is what you should work on!

Just toss in all of your projects and what rises to the top is what you should work on!

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I don't like to call them excuses. They're priorities. With a handful of exceptions, we usually have a choice in our actions. They just need to be prioritized.


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