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How serious are you? For your sake, I hope not too much.

How serious are you? For your sake, I hope not too much.

If you don’t like them already, here’s why you might like Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer.

They’re not serious.

They’re playful, light-hearted, and, hold onto your hats, funny. They’re witty and are a great comedy tag team when you can hear them together.

I can hear the naysayers, “Yeah, because they’re not serious. They don’t take their work seriously. They’re fluffy and mainstream and … ”

Here’s why I wrote this post today. Here’s Deepak Chopra on seriousness.

It’s the ego that’s serious. The spirit is not serious at all. In fact, if you want to have one criterion for whether a person is spiritual or not, only one criterion, it’s they’re not serious. They’re responsible, but they’re not serious.

Because seriousness is the ego, which feels self important, self pity, all of that stuff.

From The Ultimate Deepak Chopra Collection

You know people who have lots of money (usually) don’t talk much about money? Or how happy people don’t really talk too much about how or why they’re happy. Or how the pro sports athlete can joke on the court even though you might think, “Hey, this is a serious game! The title is on the line! Get in the game!”

The thing is: they are in the game. You might go as far as to say: they are the game.

They’ve reached a level of experience and practice and expertise and confidence to the point where they no longer need to be serious. The fact that they were serious (or take their work seriously) is a given. They don’t need to explain it or prove it or even show it.

How often do you watch a pro in action, whether in the courtroom or on the court, and you say, “Wow, they make it look so easy.” They do make it look easy. They’ve been doing it forever. When they reach a certain point, they no longer need to be serious about it–at least not in the sense of the word that we know: furrowed brow, no smiling, and certainly no joking around!

How serious are you? For your sake, I hope not too much.

How serious are you? For your sake, I hope not too much.

They’ve reached a level where they can just play. It’s the level I’ve reached with writing, travel, and meditation. I don’t have to try so hard anymore. It just comes to me naturally. How? Because I’ve been doing it Every Single Day for a long time.

Want to hear the best part? Once you get to a certain level, it all becomes easier. In fact, you see seriousness as a burden, a hindrance, something that is annoying and to be avoided at all costs.

See how that works?

Are you there yet in some aspect of your life? What can you do so well that you don’t take it seriously anymore? What do you do with a smile on your face whereas someone else might say, “Hey, get serious!” but you know that you’ve been there, done that, and not only no longer need to be serious, you know that you wouldn’t be serious if they put you under the spotlight and forced you to frown.

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