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It’s going to be a big, big hit.

It’s going to be a big, big hit.

Finally, a restaurant that merges two beautiful cuisines.

There are some things that just seem so natural that you don’t know why they don’t exist.

Then you start doubting: “Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way.” “Maybe I just have bad taste.” “There must be a logical reason this hasn’t happened yet.”

But I’ve finally been given the green light to come out openly for what has long been a should–of-been-trademarked cuisine: mixing Mexican and Indian foods.

Let’s be honest: they’re both just wraps of a white flour with spicy meats and vegetables in there, right?

One has more curry flavor, the other uses more cumin. But they’re meant for each other. I can rest easy now that I know that the marriage has been┬árealized.

Mexican & Indian Food Reunited [Malaga, Spain]

Mexican & Indian Food Reunited [Malaga, Spain]

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