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What’s bigger than the fear of failure? The fear of starting.

What’s bigger than the fear of failure? The fear of starting.

It’s not the end we’re worried about. Not the middle part either.


Can’t get started, huh? Stuck with the blank page or the first step in how to launch the product or service or company or whatever it is you really want to do but are not doing?

I bet the dishes are washed, though. Sock drawer organized? I hope it’s not color coded. Dog walked, worn-out toothbrush replaced, and even the taxes are paid.

But how’s that project going?

If you wanted to start, you know it’s worth at least starting. So what’s holding you back?

What if there were no one else on earth, not a soul to judge you or tell you how wrong you’re doing it all. Even when it’s done, no one around to say it’s terrible.

Would you start then?

Here’s a trick: do that.

Imagine there is no one but you. No rules, no markets, no competition. You don’t need to earn money with it, it doesn’t need to be perfect, but there is one condition: it needs to get started.

Looking for the perfect day to make that happen?

I have just the ticket: today.

For me personally, I’m stuck with the “first book in a series.” I’m certain the series will have loads of books and continue on for years. But that first one? Yeah, it should probably be good. No, great. Well, maybe even perfect.

Ain’t gonna happen.

What does it need to be?

Just one thing: started.

Now you know how and you know when. So what are you waiting for?

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