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When $18.99 makes you feel more professional, yeah, go for it.

When $18.99 makes you feel more professional, yeah, go for it.


Weigh the pros and cons, the costs and benefits, and make the decision that feels right.

Then go for it and enjoy it.

I’m surprised at just how much I’m enjoying recording chapters for my “Every Single Day” audiobook. I have a good microphone, even that spit guard thing, but balancing the microphone on a shoe box and leaning over to read the book just wasn’t quite working.

It was time to throw down the cash and go pro.

I went ahead and shelled out the $18.99 (or actually the €16.99 at where I shop from my home in The Netherlands) and got the microphone arm that is going to make recording all the more enjoyable.

Neewer® Adjustable Recording Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand with Mic Round Shape Wind Pop Filter Mask Shield, Shock Mount and Phone Holder, black


So when you’re back and forth about dropping that cold, hard cash and just can’t decide, think about what it’s going to do for your career, your morale, your professional standing in the industry. Then hold back on a few latte macchiatos, save up, and blammo, you’ve gone pro.


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