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296 Readers “Shelved” my book “Every Single Day” as “Want to Read.”

296 Readers “Shelved” my book “Every Single Day” as “Want to Read.”

I submitted my book to a Goodreads Giveaway and this is what happened.

I didn’t really know what I was doing but I figured for $16 (+ shipping), what did I have to lose?

I set up a Goodreads Giveaway (which are free to set up for the next week, then it’s going to cost us) for two paperbacks to two lucky winners in the US and Canada.

After a few weeks (see below), 889 people entered the contest, 296 people shelved the book as “Want to Read,” and 2 people won.

The most important number in there for the author?


When a Goodreads reader marks a book as Want to Read then other people can see that. If those readers have fans (yes, readers have fans too: An Interview with the Most Popular Reviewer on Goodreads), they will see that the reader has it on her list and might at least take a peek.

Take a Peek

That’s the least we can hope for. At least have a look. Maybe if she liked it, I might like it. If she has it on her Want to Read list then maybe I should too. Maybe she’s reading it. Maybe I should read it.

Maybe you, dear author friend, should give a Goodreads Giveaway a try.

Oh, and you might want to do it before January 8, 2018 when they’re going to start charging for the service.

Happy book selling! Oh, and reading!

296 Readers "Shelved" my book "Every Single Day" as "Want to Read."

296 Readers “Shelved” my book “Every Single Day” as “Want to Read.”

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