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What do you wish for when you have everything you want?

What do you wish for when you have everything you want?

This won’t seem logical if you don’t yet have what you want, but you’ll want to give back.

You’ll want to give back everything you have–and more. You have so much to give and it keeps coming so you know you’ll be in good shape.

But it’s somehow bigger than that.

It’s not so much a world of give and take but it’s almost an overflowing or an abundance and it’s more that you’re just directing where it should all go.

You have so much that even just a trickle that spills over the edge is enough to keep you going. In fact, just the giving is receiving. But when you have so much you don’t think about wanting anymore. You just want to give.

You have so much that you almost can’t get rid of it fast enough. You don’t quite understand how there is so much to be had that not everyone has what they want.

Aha, but maybe that’s it. What do they want?

Here comes the rub.

I want to give what I have. I want to give what I want.

Is it a Catch 22? Is it some kind of vicious circle? You can’t get a loan at the bank because you don’t have enough money?

Maybe it is like that. I don’t need (or want) a loan of joy or happiness or what I want because I have so much. In fact, I wouldn’t even take an offer of more. Or I would, but I would just look for ways to redistribute it.

It’s Christmas Day 2017 and I have more than I could have ever wished for.

The fun part? I know it’s going to get better.

Watch out 2018! We’re going to make 2017 look like kindergarten.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Love and fireworks,


P.S. But what am I (secretly) wishing for in 2018? That I can spread my abundance through story.

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