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All I did was …

All I did was …

It can’t be that hard. Can it?

You know when you read some success story of someone who accomplished some huge thing and they often say, “All I did was … “ and they explain what they did. It’s usually simple. It’s often not rocket science.

When they say it, you think to yourself, “Well, I could have done that.” But that’s the thing. You didn’t do that. They did that. They probably did this simple, not-rocket-science little thing over and over without being sure that what they were doing was working or even leading towards what they were hoping for. But they kept going. As if they were blinded by the results of the future and only focused on that little thing they were doing.

What if you’re already doing that thing, that all-I-did-was thing, and it’s not working. No one is yet asking you how you did it, how you got there, how you achieved this momentous goal and you can’t yet say, “All I did was … ”

What if what you’re doing isn’t the All I Did Was … thing?

How can we be sure we’re on the right path? What if the thing we’re doing isn’t the thing that’s going to get us where we’re supposed to go? How are we going to know? Will we know if we stopped? But then there’s the whole It Was Just Around the Corner thing that people also talk about. But how do you know if it’s just around the corner if you can’t even see the road you’re on? Much less any corners coming up?

All I did was …

If it’s so simple, why isn’t everyone doing it? Why did that simple thing work for that person but not for you? What was that magic ingredient that they had that you didn’t? What if it’s really not only the All I Did Was ingredient, but it turns out that they were actually doing lots of other little things and the whole package, the entire recipe was what launched them towards stardom? But then what were the other little things?

Do we need a laboratory? How can we figure out which of the many little things is the one thing that’s going to make it happen? Or is it truly that one little thing? Is the “All I Did Was … ” just a hoax? Is it not truly that simple? They’re just saying that to make a good story. Or because they truly believe it was that simple thing but it was really lots more and all put together it’s what made it all happen. But what they mention, what they remember, what they think it was is that little thing.

What’s your All I Did Was … thing?

It finally happens to you. Fame, stardom, riches, whatever it is you’re seeking. Let’s say it worked, that one thing you kept on with. You’re being interviewed and they ask you, “What did you do?” You can start your answer with just this, but think about it. What comes after it for you? There you are, I see you saying it, “All I did was … “

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