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If you had to rename your company, what would it be?

If you had to rename your company, what would it be?

If someone stumbled onto your website, would they get the right idea?

Working with a client on their branding and I’m not sure their company name is right. In fact, I’m not sure it’s right at all. But the problem is, I’m not even sure what he’s really offering … at all.

He has some great content and a few books, but what is he really offering his visitors? What would he want the ideal visitor to do on his site? In fact, that’s a great exercise.

Are you really who you want to be? Or are you stuck in the persona of your past (business) self?

Let’s do that.

What would the ideal visitor to your site do?

From a bite from a little fish to a full hook, line and sinker.

  1. 5 Seconds: Nibble. What would you like the little fish to do? The little visitor who was just swimming by? Would you like them to read an article, like your page on Facebook, retweet a post? What simple action would you like someone to take who is going to give you 5 seconds of their life.
  2. 1 Minute: They’re swimming and looking, they might bite. What do we have for them?
  3. 10 Minutes: They’re pretty much hooked. What do we have to offer them?
  4. Hook: You’ve got them–but in a good way. How are you going to make them happy they bit?
  5. Hook, line & sinker: They’ve taken it all in and can’t get enough. Do you have enough to satisfy them?

Based on what you’re offering, what they’re staying for and the merger of those two, what do you call your company? Is it still the same as it was when you started? Is it what your focused on now? Is it what you’ll be focused on in the next few years?


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