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How often do you hear the phrase “Every Single Day” in conversation?

How often do you hear the phrase “Every Single Day” in conversation?

Is it the Volkswagen Jetta effect or is it real?

I don’t know about you, but I hear the phrase “Every Single Day” on a regular basis. It could be because I’m writing a book of the same name, but it seems people are doing what they’re doing and they’re doing it on a regular basis. In fact, they’re doing it Every Single Day.

The Volkswagen Jetta Effect is when you buy a Jetta and then you realize that there are Jettas all around you! It seems that everyone has a Jetta! So, is it true or is it because you’re now looking out for them? Answer? Probably a bit of both, but more because you’re aware of it.

I’m on the lookout for people who are changing their lives a day at a time.

In fact, it can be so subtle, so slow, that they might not even realize any longer that change is occurring. In fact, it can be so relaxed that they forget their goals or can’t remember what issues they were trying to solve when they started out.

The simplest example is someone who is losing weight. If they change their lifestyle and eat healthier (and eat less) and exercise, at some point, if they keep up with it, their habits change and they begin to slowly but surely lose weight. Later, they are healthier, usually happier, lighter (in both body and spirit) and often forget that their original goal was to lose weight. Their habits became who they are and it’s no longer a thing they do, especially no longer an annoying thing they have to do, but just a thing they do that’s not even a thing. Yeah, if that makes any sense then you know what I’m looking for.

I hear “Every Single Day” on a regular basis and I’m setting up a list of people to interview. Know anyone who fits the bill?

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