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Ch 24 BC: I’m Too Grounded

Ch 24 BC: I’m Too Grounded

Rick is my rocket booster that propels me above and beyond.

I could use some Rick in my life right now. I’m bogged down with some pretty “grounded” stuff right now.

If the word “grounded” doesn’t do it for you, we might use: boring, everyday, simple, regular, rational, etc. I know: it’s also nonfiction. I’m working on a nonfiction book and it’s interviews and marketing, which I also love, but it’s not creative, adventurous, and the unknown.

I realize that I need the escape. I need to feel above the fray. I need to fly along the treetops and dive down when I see something sparkling.

I need Rick and Sally and their stories. Just as the reader who follows along, I’m also following along.

It hit me the other day that I needed to write fiction. It was as clear as that. I have my philosophies I’d like to get through, even some things to work out, but they could come through and be worked out through our characters.

Mixing Calendars and Creativity

I’m a firm believer that creativity can be planned, forced and drawn out. You don’t just run a marathon, you train for months. You do a little Every Single Day and then you’re in shape. Then it’s not such a big deal because you’ve been doing it. You can’t just decide to run a marathon and then do it. You need to work at it, have bad days, have good days, but keep at it. Then you’ll hit the flow state and you might not even recognize it.

Yeah, so I’m not there right now with fiction. I need it. I also realize I need to force it for it to flow. I can’t just decide to let the magic happen and write beautiful fiction and let the story flow freely from my fingers. I need to get back in shape.

Even as I type these words, I feel the longing for it. It needs me, too.

That’s where I am. Now, where was I?

I Need Some Space

I Need Some Space


  1. lone morch

    Bradley!! I hear you. I do. I’m in similar process and recognizing needs to play and free the creativity, and the dance between short term and long term og force and flow. I will write to Rick and Sally very soon! xo Lone

    • Bradley

      Rick and I are looking forward to it. 🙂


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