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The first step in book marketing? A simple Book Sales Page.

The first step in book marketing? A simple Book Sales Page.

Need a place to showcase your book? Maybe you don’t have a website a big web presence?

Are you a new writer who doesn’t quite yet have a book sales page? Your book is coming out and you’d like a place to send people that has at least a little information about the book and a link to buy it.

We’ve got you covered.

Let’s get you a quick, simple, and easy-to-manage Mini Book Sales Page to get you up and running.

The Mini Book Sales Page includes:

  1. A dedicated URL. (e.g.
  2. Editing tools. You can change the book cover, the headline, button URL, background, etc.
  3. Video help. Walkthrough videos how to create your page and even your book cover.

Here’s the example we built for the course: Ann Author’s “Unforgettable Book Title.”

Of course, you can change this all later. You can scrap it and start over. You can export it to your own site. You can upgrade to a full Book Sales Page and throw in all kinds of bells and whistles. But for now, to get you started, to take action, let’s get this single, simple, sales page live for your book.

Mini Book Sales Page

Here’s a 1-minute video showing you what you get and a glance at how it works. Join the completely free course to learn in more detail how to edit the page and customize it to your liking.

Mini Book Sales Page

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