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Job Opening: Agent, Editor, Book Promoter

Job Opening: Agent, Editor, Book Promoter

You know your editing, book promotion, and strategies. I have the content.

I have loads of content (no, really). I have enough content to fill magazines, podcasts, and probably dozens of books. Some of the content is average, some really good, and some is downright excellent. I’m sitting on a content gold mine. It just needs a miner to sift through it, filter the good stuff, and get it out into the world in the most efficient and effective way. That truly about sums it up.

Let my try to put this in Job Opening format.

WANTED: Agent, Editor, (Book) Promoter

Summary: Cull, refine, edit, and promote existing content to create and promote articles, podcasts, and books–with the emphasis on (self-published) books.

Tasks: Scan through backlog of existing content (here and here) and put together a prioritized proposal with a strategy on how to publish what and when. It could be a collection of articles to pitch to publications, ideas to get onto podcasts as a guest and/or speaking engagements, and books to assemble, promote, and publish. Here are five quick book title ideas to ponder. See if they resonate with your style and expertise.

Here are five quick book title ideas to ponder. See if they resonate with your style and expertise.

  1. Every Single Day: How to Turn a Tiny Daily Habit into a Life Transformation (in progress)
  2. How to Write a Book Together with Your Kids–And Why You Should (based on this)
  3. So This is How a Superhero is Born (fiction)
  4. NaNoRoMance: Two Writers Meet in Paris to Write a Romance. In a month. (fiction, in progress, with partner)
  5. 7 Guaranteed Steps to Slow Failure as a Website Designer–and How to Avoid Them (light-hearted take on running a business)

Those are, literally, off the top of my head. You at least get a flavor for where I’m going.

Who you are: You’re (probably) a writer, but also marketer. You probably have your own writing, but you also really love promotion and editing and knowing the marketing and the market well enough to know what sells–and why. You might be a bit of a numbers geek and can get into ROI and tweaking ad copy to optimize returns. Oh, you also love a good story and compelling content that stirs the heart and incites action and change.

Who I am: I’m also a writer and marketer, but I produce more than I can market. I have a backlog of content that is sitting there waiting to find its way into the world. I’m a turtle (who is going to win the race against the hare), I’m a tank, I’m stopping for nothing and writing isn’t only my passion and work, but it’s who I am. I will stop at nothing to get my books out there to change even a small part of the world.

I was on a podcast a while ago that kicks this off and then more recently where I talk about several current projects.

Compensation: Make me an offer. If you believe in me, you’d want a percentage of commissions. If you don’t believe in me, you’ll want an hourly wage. (Can you guess which I prefer? Or maybe a hybrid?) So what’s a fair percentage? Make a chart or a table and let’s talk it through. To put it bluntly, I believe in myself and my work and I’m going to sell millions of books. I’m not kidding around. I’m absolutely a light-hearted joker, but I’m not kidding around about this. It’s a question of how and when we get there.

Good to Know: If you’re interested in only, say, the marketing aspect of the job, let’s find an editor to fill that gap. Ideally, you know these people, maybe have relationships with them already. If not, we’ll create them.

I’m sure the above isn’t a typical “Job Offer,” but hey, I’m not a typical Job Offerer. I’m smart enough to know that I’ll succeed faster, better, and more efficiently (and effectively) with a team.

Sound like something to have a chat about? Send me a note via Twitter.


Q: Why can’t you do this yourself?
A: I can. Oh, and I will. But I’m working alone and I need a team. We’re Better Together. I’m also (getting) impatient. I want my content out there faster. I create it (and new content) faster than I can promote it. You’d probably suggest that I slow down with content creation, but I can’t … I’m kind of addicted to it.

Q: What if I don’t want to promote your books because I want to write and promote my own books?
A: This offer is about my content first and foremost. If you also have content that we can work together on or combine or weave in, excellent. But I’m not looking for a writing partner–or at least not at this stage.

Q: How can you be so confident?
A: I don’t give up. I’m in it for the Long Game. I will overcome.

Q: Why now? What’s the rush?
A: I have the content now. I also know that “books help sell books.” I need the books out there to sell more books. I’m ready.

Q: Dude, who are you and why haven’t I heard of you?
A: Exactly. That’s why I need your help.

Job Opening: Agent, Editor, Book Promoter

Job Opening: Agent, Editor, Book Promoter

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