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Make Your Own News

Make Your Own News

News of the world got you down? Make your own news–and your own world.

Where do you live? Do you live in the world or your world?

Probably, your world exists in the world. (If you have managed to turn this around, please send me a note.)

It’s the first day of the year. This morning the news was of a mass murder in a nightclub in Istanbul and … you get the idea.

What if you started your day by creating instead of consuming? Before you start taking in, what can you produce, create or invent? It doesn’t need to be the cure for cancer, but even just a new idea that you might not have had last night.

The Muddy Windshield

Just as you wake up, your vision is clearest. It’s not yet muddied by the news of the day–or even the internal news of your own day. Before that starts to infiltrate your senses, push out something from your own self. Don’t let it be tainted by even the simplest of influences and let your pure self create something that wasn’t there when you went to sleep but is there now–and possibly only now.

Let it escape before it’s buried under the day-to-day events that overwhelm your morning. Sneak away–if only in your mind–and get out that one rocket before the cloud cover forms.

Your day will be better for it. I promise.

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