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Do you know what time of day your kids are most effective?

Do you know what time of day your kids are most effective?

This is what studying at 6:30 AM looks like.

Through informal yet scientific testing based on:

  1. Eyelid droopiness,
  2. Depth of voice (indicating fatigue),
  3. Attention span,
  4. Number of glances at pillow or blanket,
  5. General lack of human function.

I’ve discovered that, it’s a possibility that my 13-year old is actually a morning person.

Contrary to popular opinion, he’s possibly not the night owl that he proposes to be. Early in the morning, as the sun was coming up, he got all of the math answers correct on the study test and even had some new insight into how to approach the word problems. His writing was neater and there was less general complaining.

Could it be that your child’s most efficient and effective time of the day isn’t what you think it is? Use the scientific measurements above and test for yourself.

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