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Do you learn from your mistakes?

Do you learn from your mistakes?

Do you preach to others what you don’t do yourself?

You do something great, you’re really proud of it, but then you don’t do it again. Or you make the same mistake that helped you get over the first challenge. But does this mean that you regressed from your current position back to where you started? Or have you progressed, call it 10 steps, but now fell back only 8, to then shoot back to 12?

You learned the first time, but apparently not well enough to not make the same mistake again. Still, since you succeed the first time, you know success is possible, so the solution and the process should be easier. You also just plain know it’s possible so it’s that much easier. So you succeed again, but still you wish you hadn’t made the same mistake again. Do we learn from our mistakes?

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Full disclosure: I locked myself out of the same office … again. Then I picked the lock … again. But this time I found a different expert to teach me.


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