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Every Single Day: “I don’t want to pick it up, but when I do, I can’t put it down.”

Every Single Day: “I don’t want to pick it up, but when I do, I can’t put it down.”

Is it really just No Pain, No Gain?

A reader was honest about my book and said that she wasn’t sure that she was ready for such a deep dive.

An Every Single Day reader was overheard saying about the book, “I don’t want to pick it up, but when I do, I can’t put it down.”

As the author, I have two viewpoints on this:

  1. Good. It is difficult. It should be painful to work on because it’s important. But once you get started, you realize how important it is for yourself so you keep going.

I don’t need only those seeking an easy fix or overnight success. I want those who struggle and realize it’s a big deal and a big change and hard work but that they’ll get there.

  1. Bad. I want to help everyone! I don’t want people to not want to pick the book up. I want everyone to pick it up.

I think I thought this more before the book was published. Now that it’s out there, I get regular feedback and I’ve grown to know and live the subject matter from a deeper level while at the same time taking it all quite a bit more lightly, I know I won’t help everyone.

Lots of people are looking for the painless quick fix. The get rich overnight scheme that doesn’t require much of any thought or commitment or much of anything from the reader.

Maybe I’m quietly proud that she struggles to pick up the book. Because that tells me that I have written a “serious” piece of work. Something that is going to help change people, improve them, and it’s going to be the people who really want it, need it, and are willing to work for it.

So I’d say that I’m good that she hesitates to pick it up. Maybe because then when she does get into it she knows it’ll be all the more powerful.

She knows change is afoot. She’s scared of it and that’s perfectly OK.

Are you scared of change? Are you willing to pick up whatever you’re hesitant to pick up if it means that you might change?

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