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London: Dark Blue Suits, Beers and Bicycles

London: Dark Blue Suits, Beers and Bicycles

Hectic, serious and flowing, London amazes.

Now living in a small town in the middle of forests in The Netherlands, a trip to London was a throwback into big (big!) city life.

As I jogged in the early morning along the Thames, I noticed that most people were focused, determined and unwavering in their walk to work. Taxis, bikes and buses, metros, chauffeur-driven Mercedes and lots of dark blue suits and I was tossed back into the land of We Need To Get This Day Going and I’m On My Way.

Get out of my way, I’m on my way to my important job.

Once we ventured out of the inner circle to quieter neighborhoods, the suits (and the leaves) changed colors into friendlier, softer and less hurried hues. I thought London was going to be only grays and blues (skies and suits). But although there were lots of men in suits, there was a friendly, cozy, even neighborhood feel to some of it that I wasn’t expecting.

Sardine tube cars, masses of people flowing like a factory bottling conveyor belt and I was reminded that there are lots of people on the planet and they have somewhere to go and you’re probably in their way. I realized that I actually missed our new “home” and the forests that surround the town and not-masses-of-people in the town.

It’s always been a choice to Live in the City and Visit the Country. But now we’ve switched things up and I’m enjoying it. London was busy, important and full. Our little town is relaxed, proud and important.

Still, on our way home I still had the same feeling I’ve had since I can ever (ever) remember: I Don’t Want to Go Home Ever.

London: Dark Blue Suits, Beers and Bicycles [Green Park, London]

London: Dark Blue Suits, Beers and Bicycles [Green Park, London]

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