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Could it be that Write Every Day is not enough?

Could it be that Write Every Day is not enough?

A marathon of a day of activities that are just too numerous and mind-boggling to possibly get into a single post.

What if I just knocked it up to Write Twice Every Day?

Just kidding.

It was one of those days that seemed like a week. Something happened early in the morning that, by afternoon, seems certainly like yesterday. Then in the evening, the morning was so long ago it might have been last week.

Why can’t these power days be split up? Shared among those that are in need of a little action, a little pick me up?

WARNING: Please don’t take this post seriously and start writing Twice A Day. “TAD” just isn’t a great acronym and Write Every Day is dangerous enough. Just saying.

But no, that’s the way they are. Packed into a single Saturday from 3 AM to 8 PM there are just too many things to cover. For the record, I took diligent notes throughout the day so I’ll have them to return to as even I couldn’t remember what happened at 4 AM by 8 AM.

Certainly when you have a day that’s worth 7 regularly-scheduled days there’s a simple overview that would do? A common theme? At least a highlight?


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