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What’s missing among all of the strategies and tactics?

What’s missing among all of the strategies and tactics?

There were numbers, charts, and stats. But something wasn’t there.

PowerPoint presentations on every which way to make it all happen. Experienced pros who tell it like it is and how we can all get there, too. They share all of their knowledge, their tricks, their secrets, and they hold nothing back.

They’ll tell us how to get from A to B and then even C if you’re good.

Stick around a while and you might get to chat with someone much further along than you over a hot tea and slice of carrot cake. She might share an even deeper secret about how to do it and even what to do.

But none of it matters if you don’t have the one thing.

The thing you need to get from A to B but you also need to even get to A in the first place and then to take that first step off of the A ledge.

It’s just a little word, doesn’t even pack that much of a punch the words separately, but when they’re together they mean so much more.

I think you could teach it. I suppose it’s something you can learn. I don’t think we’re both with it. So we have to get it from somewhere.

In any case. It’s just this.


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