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If you expect magic in every encounter, you find it.

If you expect magic in every encounter, you find it.

Enthusiasm, connection, magic. What we can learn from … a dog.

In yet another fascinating and unexpected podcast of Tim Ferriss, there comes along just a gem. The kind where you get off your bike, take off your gloves, back it up 15 seconds and bookmark it. That kind of gem.

Tim Ferriss had a few well-known guys on this particular episode but the quieter guest had the most profound things to say.

“If you expect magic in every encounter, you find it.” — Adam Robinson

Once in a while, a single sentence comes along and practically knocks you off your bike. It was 15 minutes into the hour-and-a-half episode (that I didn’t even finish) but I had what I wanted. In fact, I had what I have come to expect from Tim Ferriss and that is to expect the unexpected.

Adam Robinson said that if he could tell younger people 3 things, these would be what he would advise them:

  1. Enthusiasm–in everything that you do.
  2. Connection–with people, partners, just get out there.
  3. Magic–expect magic in every encounter.

I have #1 down pretty well. #2 is my plan for 2017. But if you can manage #3, #1 and #2 just come along as icing on the cake. #3 is the cake. If you can do #3, #1 and #2 don’t even matter anymore (because you’ll just do them, too).

Have expectations and then wait to be surprised. — Adam Robinson

Why read? Why listen to podcasts? Why get my earbuds set up and the phone in my pocket and hit play for my 20-minute bike ride to basketball practice?

Because we want to learn. We’re curious. We’re sponges and can’t get enough information. Because it’s just plain fun to learn. Because when i’m not learning, I’m not living. When I stop learning is when I stop living.

I don’t know who Adam Robinson is, but thank you for being on Tim’s show and thank you for making me stop in my tracks and rewind and get that down. Thanks for talking so we could listen.


Interestingly, I wasn’t the only person who found these three elements mentioned in a really long podcast important. Angela of Create Life Today also wrote about what Adam Robinson said.

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