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Introducing the “ESD Power Burst.” Every Single Day doesn’t have to be forever.

Introducing the “ESD Power Burst.” Every Single Day doesn’t have to be forever.

Use it as a efficient–and temporary–power tool to get things done.

Sure, I write Every Single Day because I can’t not do it and I love it and it gives me energy.

But what about for something that I just want to get done? Get off of my To Do List and Make Go Away?

The Every Single Day method can be a perfect short-term solution to getting annoying tasks off your plate.

What’s annoying you that won’t seem to go away?

"Every Single Day" doesn't have to be forever.

“Every Single Day” doesn’t have to be forever.

For example, I have 22 hosting accounts (from my old marketing agency) that have been “driving me crazy” for months. Remember, “driving me crazy” is relative! What might seem like no big deal to someone else might be driving you nuts.

These hosting accounts are costing me $30 a month and I’m sick of paying for it. Yes, they could be earning me money but–here’s the kicker–I don’t want to be in the hosting business any longer and they just remind me of that life I used to live.

What I dread is the big challenge of tackling 22 accounts of clients and going through the process of contacting them, gathering information, and then doing an actual hosting transfer–which is a pain in itself.

Yes, I could (and should) hire a VA to do all of this or maybe even find someone who would like 22 hosting accounts, but are we on the same page with the Annoyance Level of this thing? It’s just on my plate and I don’t want it there. Yes, I’m going to have to deal with it and every single month that I do nothing costs me money.

Introducing the ESD Power Burst

Rather than contemplating whether something might be your “Passion” or whether or not you have the energy to “Persevere” and the stamina to gather up the “Patience” (all chapters from the book “Every Single Day“), find something that “Finish-Able” that you can get done in a fixed number of days.

For example, this task could take me 22 days: move (or at least take one step) 1 client per day for 22 days. I would make a list and then a task list of what actions I needed to do for each client and take action every single day. I could even make it 44 days and have 1 day for Action A (contact with client, for example) and then 1 day for Action B (the actual transfer).

Although 44 days sounds like forever, it’s easily been, ahem, 444 days since I could have started this project. Sound familiar?

Find a task that’s finish-able and make a road map and a calendar.

Would you like a workbook to make this easier? Let me know.

This is what NASTY and DREAD looks like for me (image below). What does it look like for you?

"Every Single Day" doesn't have to be forever.

“Every Single Day” doesn’t have to be forever.





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