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C’mon, you gotta have a little passion for it.

C’mon, you gotta have a little passion for it.

Watching (then turning off) a set of videos.

I’m a speaker at heart. A writer in my gut, a teacher in my mind, but a speaker, a presenter, a story teller in my heart.

I’m watching a bunch of videos on a certain topic. I’m not going to mention it because I’m going to, well, bash it a bit.

You see, we want to be:

  1. Educated
  2. Enlightened
  3. Entertained

I want to (1) learn something, (2) rise up, but I also want to (3) enjoy it.

Many speakers and presenters do #1 just fine. We’re going to learn something.

But, right now, at this moment, as I type this, there’s audio going on in the background from a video (that I’m no longer watching) and, ooh, ouch, one thing that’s killing me is her use of um.

But if I can get through that (and it’s tough) and I listen to what she’s saying, I’m pretty sure there’s some value in there, some education, something I suppose I could learn from.

But there’s no love, no passion, no personal connection between:

  1. Her
  2. Her topic

But it’s just not working for me. Here’s why.

  1. She speaks well (except for the “um” every 15 seconds).
  2. I think it’s an important topic (at least she’s reminding me this regularly).
  3. She looks presentable and professional.
  4. She has nice slides.

If she has no personal connection to her topic, how am I supposed to? No (or little) personal story then I’m having a hard time getting connected either to her or her topic.

OK, rant over.

I’m going to go walk Pepper. He’s passionate. Every Single Day. About the mouse he might find, the new smells he discovers, about just being in the woods.

He loves it.

I love him because he loves it.

See how simple it is?

C'mon, you gotta have a little passion for it.
C’mon, you gotta have a little passion for it.

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