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5-word hooks: SPARK

5-word hooks: SPARK
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You have five words. Total.

In Brian Meeks’ book, “Mastering Amazon Descriptions: An Author’s Guide: Copywriting for Authors,” he challenges you to create 5 (or 6 max) word hooks for your book.

It’s fun, challenging, and a bit addictive.

Here was my first stab at it for Spark.

5-Word Hooks

  1. He’s only 10 once
  2. There’s now and there’s never
  3. What’s living in her imagination? 
  4. Do you know your daughter? 
  5. You thought you knew him. 
  6. You can write that book. 
  7. I thought I knew her. 
  8. You said you wanted to. 
  9. Will have wished you had. 
  10. You knew I loved you. 
  11. I love you. Here’s how. 
  12. Ready to unlock your imagination? 
  13. But you promised… 
  14. You said you loved me. 
  15. Want to write a book? 
  16. Wanna write a book together? 
  17. OK, fine. Another day. Someday. 
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  1. Emily B Brittain

    Smiling, she thought, “Very interesting.”

    Maybe, I can do this.


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