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5-Word Hooks: Surrender

5-Word Hooks: Surrender
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Such a big topic, so few words. Here goes.

This is book #9 in the 11-book Repossible series and it’s such an important one yet I didn’t even understand the concept a few short years ago.

Here goes: there is a greater, “higher” self that knows more than we do, that knows, well, most things and yet it’s not a god, it’s us, it’s in us and around us and, well, maybe it is us but it’s bigger than us. Somehow it’s us + me + I = this thing.

Oh, and we need to accept it, believe it, and then surrender to it.

Yeah, clearly I need this 5-word-hook exercise to explain where I’m going.

5-Word Hooks: Surrender

  1. Let go of your past
  2. Embrace you of the future
  3. You know better. No, seriously.
  4. Surrender. Surrender again. Surrender again.
  5. Accept, believe, and surrender. Done.
  6. Accept, believe, and surrender. Again.
  7. Accept, believe, and surrender. Go.
  8. Break out mold of self
  9. Spike in gamma brain waves
  10. Oh. Was that really it?
  11. Oh. That was so simple.
  12. Seriously? Was that really it?
  13. I knew I knew it!
  14. When you’re brushing your teeth.
  15. You know but you don’t
  16. You know you know it
  17. It’s another part of you
  18. It’s your smarter twin sibling
  19. Give in to the unknown
  20. Release yourself to the divine
  21. You are also the divine
  22. Just enough to let go.
  23. Accept, Believe, (and then) Surrender
  24. What is possible for you?
  25. If you knew how close
  26. It’s right here inside you
  27. Surprisingly it’s
  28. Close your eyes to see
  29. Close your eyes to believe
  30. See it when you believe
  31. Soar into the delicious unknown
  32. Let the energy take you
  33. Let the force take you
  34. Let the wind take you
  35. Let the gust take you
  36. Let the _____ take you
  37. Unbox what’s trapped in you
  38. Unleash what’s locked in you
  39. So much, so close by
  40. Surprise yourself, close your eyes
  41. Uncork the pressure in you
  42. Unite with the greater you
  43. Unite with your greater self
  44. Unmask your …
  45. Unplug from your past self
  46. Give in, don’t give up
  47. Unveil the power within you
  48. Unmask the power within you
  49. Reach for a higher self
  50. Recognize you as much more
  51. Reduce your reliance on history
  52. Relax, Request, Reveal, Revel, Roar
  53. Relax, Request, Reveal, Revel, Roar
  54. There’s a greater self nearby
  55. Rediscover your own true self
  56. Reunite, Recharge, Release, Reward, Rule
Surrender | Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash
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