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5-word Hooks: Ask

5-word Hooks: Ask
This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series 5-Word Hooks

Not 4, not 6. 5 words to describe what you’re after.

Here we go for Ask.

  1. Who will you be next? (Repossible subtitle)
  2. What can you possibly lose?
  3. This won’t hurt a bit
  4. Raise your hand. You’re done.
  5. Raise your hand. You’ve begun.
  6. Raise your hand. It’s begun.
  7. If you don’t ask, well…
  8. Don’t ask and never know.
  9. Ask, listen, receive, decide, act.
  10. Ask and you shall receive.
  11. You have to begin asking.
  12. No answer without a question.
  13. No progress without a question.
  14. Won’t know until you ask
  15. It’s now or it’s now
  16. Ask now or forever silent
  17. Don’t ask, don’t know. Ouch.
  18. Don’t ask, won’t know ever.
  19. If you don’t ask. “No.”
  20. Set your questions free (now).
  21. Yes. No. Maybe. Pick one.
  22. What if they say yes?
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