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5-Word Hooks: Create

5-Word Hooks: Create
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I have five words. Oops.

Another homework assignment from Brian Meeks from his “Mastering Amazon Descriptions: An Author’s Guide: Copywriting for Authors” where he wants you to create 5-word hooks (sales pitches, elevator pitches, etc.) of your book.

Here we go for Create.

5-Word Hooks A La Brian Meeks for Create

  1. Turn off the screen. Create.
  2. Step away from the screen.
  3. You can consume. But create.
  4. I measure happiness by creation.
  5. What have you created lately?
  6. Spill your secret power
  7. Unleash what you bottled up
  8. Unlock your secret creativity
  9. What I Create Is Me
  10. I Am What I Create
  11. I Knew I Had It
  12. Had I Only Looked Deeper
  13. Consuming is easy. Try creating.
  14. Need a burst of energy?
  15. Seeking magical energy? Create something.
  16. Seeking magical energy? Create some.
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