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7 Questions for Spark

7 Questions for Spark
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Amy Porterfield has 7 questions for you and your business.

Here’s how I answered in relation to Spark.

1. When you’re working on your business, what comes naturally to you?

Writing, copywriting, marketing ideas. Talking about it. Building confidence in others, motivating, inspiring. 

2. What do you love most about the work you do? 

Bringing someone from, “Oh, I can’t do that.” to “Wait a minute, I DID it!”

3. When you are creating content, what topics feel easy?

Breakthroughs, gradual change, big picture. 

4. Why are you the one who should be teaching the content you create? Why do people like to learn from you?

Been there, done that. I walk the talk. I’m ahead of them (teacher) but not by too much (approachable). 

5. When someone tells you, “That was so good!” or “That was so helpful!” what value did you give to solicit the positive response?

Big picture perspective. Action taken. Started. 

6. What problem(s) do you solve?

Limited beliefs. Dreams come true (writing a book etc.). Breakthrough. 

7. How do you solve it? What do you do to help your tribe get results?

Simple steps to get unstuck. Confidence that they can (because if I did it, they can too). 

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