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Spark Campfire | How we define success

Spark Campfire | How we define success
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Success depends mostly on how you see it–not how others see it.

By many “standards,” I’m a failure.

  1. I don’t make a million dollars a month,
  2. I live in a woodsy village in the middle of a small country,
  3. No one recognizes me at the supermarket,

You get the idea.

Here’s how I calculate.

Success to me is…

  1. Recording video in the woods (and daring to use it in my courses),
  2. “Working” on a book together with my niece (and in the process getting to know her better),
  3. Taking the time to coach my son’s basketball team,
  4. This one might sound weird (who knows, these all might sound weird to you), but reveling in the joy my dog gets from searching for field mice under the brush in the forest.

I’m pretty sure #4 is my own version of Stopping to Smell the Flowers.

Here’s a peek into our Spark Campfire course to give you an idea of the goals we have set–and how we’re going to reach “success.”

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