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Is your goal to have fun or win an award?

Is your goal to have fun or win an award?
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What if there were an award for having fun?

I got this review at Audible for my “The Secret of Kite Hill” audiobook:

So long as you understand that this is more about them having fun telling the story together, and not about winning an Audie, then you’ll be fine.

I love this review because that’s exactly why we did it: to have fun.

In fact, I’m going to set up a new award for having fun.

Of course, we weren’t shooting to win an Audie. In fact, at the time, I’m pretty sure I had no idea what an Audie was or how to win. That’s exactly it: I wasn’t shooting for quality, recognition, or an award. I was doing it to have fun, to create something, to make a project, to do something fun, engaging, and out of the box with my kids.

For that, we succeeded. We succeeded beyond any recognition or awards. We spent time together and created something from nothing. We had a blank slate, not even an idea, but just a glimmer of a spark to get us started, to begin with the first step down the path.

This is an excerpt from Bradley Charbonneau’s book “Time Capsule: How to Write a Book Together with Your Kids–and Why You Should,” release Dec. 17, 2018.

We imagined the story, wrote the book, and recorded the audiobook. For that, we get an award: the Time Capsule award for capturing the moment with your kids when they are that age because, news flash, they’ll never be that age again.

How about new awards? Some for fun, some for things where people vote on audio recording quality and no dogs barking in the background?

For now, I’m shooting for the fun one.

And I’m winning in a landslide.

Is your goal to have fun or win an award?

Is your goal to have fun or win an award? [Photo by Neko Tai on Unsplash]

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