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Do you know what the hardest part of writing a book is?

Do you know what the hardest part of writing a book is?
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HINT: It’s not the writing.

Let’s first get through what’s not hard.

What’s NOT difficult about writing a book

  1. The idea: oddly, that just comes to you. You know it. I know it. Stop denying it. You might need some to ask you.
  2. The writing: see #1. When #1 happens, writing is automatic.
  3. Formatting, designing, grammar, spelling, help! I might go with the same rationale as #2, but I’ll give it to you, this can be a pain. But if you’ve got #1 going on, you’re usually OK.
  4. Cover design: seriously, this is the fun part!
  5. Partner: choosing a partner can seem difficult except when it isn’t.
  6. Subtitle: OK, just throwing this in here, trying to hide it. This one can be tough.
  7. Time: finding this stuff can be tricky, but if #1 is a burning passion, you’ll make time.

Give up?

Any ideas?

Here’s the #1 thing holding you back from writing your book:

It’s kind of a boring word.

I was trying to find a better one.

Something snappy and ideally one syllable.

Not something that sounded like “accounting.” But it kinda does.

Here it is:

  1. Accountability

You need someone who is “invested” in you finishing–or even starting.

The typical example is the gym.

  1. We know we should go.
  2. We go for a while.
  3. We find lovely excuses.
  4. We hire Katie.
  5. She’s mean.
  6. She wants you there Monday at 7 AM.
  7. You go.
  8. You’re on time.
  9. Because you’re scared of what she’ll do to you if you’re late–or worse: don’t show up at all.
  10. You keep going on Mondays (see #4).
  11. You improve.
  12. You say things like, “Well, this wasn’t so bad after all.”
  13. You lose weight.
  14. You get stronger.
  15. You feel better about your life.
  16. You quit your job.
  17. You open up a sailing instructor school just off of Morea.
  18. You sip cocktails with umbrellas in them.

Which part of this was crucial?

Actually, #7.

But #7 happens mostly (93.4%) because of #4.

I’m Katie.

We’re going to write a book together.

So, now that we got that out of the way: Spark Campfire.

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