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Someone out there could use the help from the you of today

Someone out there could use the help from the you of today
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No, you don’t need to take another workshop first.

If you try to extrapolate and figure out when you are (finally?) “perfect” for what it is you think you were meant to do, it might be:

  1. Too late,
  2. Too early,
  3. Just in time,
  4. That you’re dead,
  5. That whoever needed you before that time is gone,
  6. etc.

I’m writing a book with my niece. She’s 17. So far, the book is about how wearing eyeshades (eye mask, sleeping mask) help her sleep better, sleep deeper, and sleep longer, which all result in a mind less foggy, better results in school, and, ultimately, better health.

Sounds good, right? But shouldn’t she wait until she does some more research? More interviews with other teenagers who could use some help with sleep issues? Maybe she should get a Ph.D. in the physiology of sleep and do her thesis on it.

Or she could get it done now.

Now she could reach that audience that needs her now.

That same audience who will no longer be interested if she waits for all of that other stuff to take place so it can be perfect.

Teenagers with sleep issues don’t need a Ph.D. thesis. They don’t need years. They could use a solid tip. They would probably most like to hear it from one of their peers.

They also want it today.

What about you? What are you waiting for until it’s perfect?

Let’s say there are 10 things you want to get across in your project to help others.

What if you had 6 of them right now but the other 4 are going to take months/years/fill-in-long-period-of-time-here before you’re “done”?

What is done? Done is when you help someone with something you can help them with now.

Promise of future help is not very helpful compared to a bit of help today.

What could you launch today that could help someone else?

Someone out there could use the help from the you of today
Someone out there could use the help from the you of today. [Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash]
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