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Spark Campfire | Can we write a book and be less in front of a screen?

Spark Campfire | Can we write a book and be less in front of a screen?
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I have 4 boys in front of me with screens glued to their eyeballs.

Sure, we’re not in the middle of Spark Campfire, but still…how can we get them off the screens even a little bit?

I’m fully aware that we’re writing books which, unless you’re going with pen and paper, means sitting in front of a computer.

There are other ways to gather content, get it down “on paper,” and make this all happen.

Step Away from the Screen

Yep, I’m a fan of technology, but only when it serves a purpose. Still, let’s see how we can combine a little old school, some, gasp, human interaction, and still get that book done.

  1. Dictation: your phone probably has Siri or Google Assistant or Cortana. They usually do an excellent job at getting your voice transformed into words. Give it a go.
  2. Discussion: head off on a walk, talk, even in the car, just talk about the topic, the book, the audience. In other words, stuff you might do with a computer don’t do with the computer. Talk about it, like with words and with other people. It works. I swear.
  3. Pen and paper: if they’re in school, they probably use this more than we do anyway. Turn off all screens. Get a pad of paper. Get a pen. See what happens.
  4. Memory: this is a challenging one, but no pen, no paper, no phone. Discuss, think, work through your ideas in your mind and take no written notes. See what you can remember. Later, write it down.
  5. Sticky notes: related to pen and paper, but more in blocks and spurts and little tidbits. Get a pad of sticky notes and put a thought or a topic or a word on a sticky note. Organize them, shuffle them, see how they help you.
  6. Record video: I’ve been having a blast with this lately. Hit record on your phone and start talking. Just pretend you’re having a conversation with your biggest reader fan. You’ll get used to it, but you have to give it a shot.

If you are as addicted to your screen (or your kid’s) as much as most of us are, some of these tasks might seem intimidating–and they are.

Good, we need a little shakeup.

Do you know what happens when you no longer rely on a screen? At least this is what some studies say: you get smarter. You use your brain instead of relying on some automated assistant to help you.

See you inside of the Campfire.

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