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Spark Campfire February 2019

Spark Campfire February 2019
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Feb. 1: we’re a go!

You’d think, for me anyway, this wouldn’t be such a big deal. “Oh yes, here we go, another writing session with a kid.”

But I was on the phone with my niece late on Feb. 1 and I got goosebumps when she told me she wanted to do Spark Campfire this month.

I’ve written 5 books with my 2 boys. I’ve interviewed families about their experiences writing (and creating) with their kids. You’d think maybe it would get old.

But each time is new, a different path, a unique adventure.

We’re building something together. Two people, one goal, one month. Together.

This time is with my niece. Her name is Taylor. She’s 17.

We’re going to write a book together this month.


For me, that’s (still) super exciting. I got the chills when she said yes. We’re going to do something, build a thing, create something from nothing. We’ll have it for the future as a thing we did. Together. Uncle and niece.

I don’t know what the book will be or really know anything more than we’re going to write a book together this month.

What if you could say that right now? Would that be fun, exciting, scary, or all of the above?

Would you like to join me next round? I’m thinking April, 2019.

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