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Spark at “#1 New Release in ​​Parent Participation in Education”

Spark at “#1 New Release in ​​Parent Participation in Education”
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Day #2 and we’re at #1. 

I need to find my groove in the “parenting” categories. I’m at home in “Personal Development” and “Self-Help” but I don’t know much about all of these parenting categories. But I’ll learn. 

I see lots of books on making crafts and cutting paper and coloring and stuff like that (which I’m pretty terrible at). 

I suppose my challenge is that I see Spark as something “bigger” than the making of the book. It’s the process of it, the growth, the experience and the experiment of it all. 

I’m all about the smiles and the frowns, the impatience and the pulling through. 

I want to hear both “When is this going to be over?” and “Oh, are we done already?” 

You see, I don’t actually care about the book you write with your kids. Just like I don’t care that you went to Chicago for the weekend. 

I want to know how the process went, how the trip was. 

I want you to finish it but more so you can then think back about how it happened. Not so much that you have this thing in your hand (your book, your song, your whatever) but that you have the experience of doing it. 

Maybe it’s like a photo album of a trip. It’s not the photos that are important. It’s that you went on the trip. The photos are proof and reminders that you did it. 

But you need to start, to push through, and finish. 

We’re at #1 in Parent Participation. Let’s see what other categories we can rise to the top of. 

Go grab a little Spark and join me on the trip. 

Spark at "#1 New Release in ​​Parent Participation in Education"
Spark at “#1 New Release in ​​Parent Participation in Education” Oops, gotta be fast! Down to #2 by the time I made the screenshot!\
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