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Permission to … change my book title?

Permission to … change my book title?
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I keep interviewing parents for my book and …

keep getting great, exciting, and title-changing information.

Here’s a tip: set a fake deadline for your book that is months ahead of your true publication date.

Then do all of the work and be done months early.

I keep talking about people with my book and they keep, well, frankly, making it better.

But as it gets better and bigger and encompasses more it also gets simpler and down to its core and I’m understanding more and more what it’s really about.

So much so that I want to change the title.

Don’t let me over to or I might make a cover.

I told my latest parent (Arlene from Toronto, Canada) about a mom I had on the show who wanted to make a cookbook together with her kids. She wanted to make it perfect with professional photography, with enough recipes to last the kids through high school (they are barely in elementary school), testing of ingredients, and … you get the idea.

It was going to be perfect, it was going to be professional, and it was never going to get done.

When I suggested that we do a One Recipe Cookbook with only that single recipe she did with her boys already (apparently, they can whip up some pretty tasty cornbread), her shoulder slumped and she let out a breath of relief.

Arlene didn’t say anything on the phone. Then she said, “You’re giving the parents permission.” She paused again. “Permission to play.”

What if “Spark” became “Permission to Play?”

Adults were given permission to not only play with their kids but permission to be a kid again. To be young, to goof around, to be a dork, to throw flour around while baking, to play. Permission to play.

I need to sleep on it. But wow.

Here’s to making my book adventure a joint venture. The more people I bring together, the stronger the core of it gets.

Permission to ... change my book title?

Permission to … change my book title? [Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash]

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