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Don’t have much conversation with your kids? Here you go.

Don’t have much conversation with your kids? Here you go.
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When you’re writing a book together, you need to talk. #done

In case you have no idea what I’m going on about, it all starts here with Spark.

I have a 15-year-old son. Let me give you an idea of a conversation…

Dad: Hey, how was work? Are there lots of different ages of people there?
Son: Good. I’m the youngest.

I’m just going to stop there because after that it diminishes to single-syllable answers with less and less eye contact and hints that he’s “got things to do.”

The Teenage Conversation Solution

I know, I’m cheesy. I feel like an ad for washing detergent.

Ask me if I care.

My son and I are “writing a book together.” In quotes because he might have forgotten we’re doing it in September.

It is, of course, September 2 already.

Lots of time to forget.

PRO TIP: When friends are over or even better, when a girlfriend is over, it’s prime time to pounce and seize the opportunity.

— Fearless Father

Which is why I now ask questions like:

Dad: So, Charlotte, what are qualities that make up a good friend? I know Liam is a really, really good friend. How does he do it?

Can you imagine what this brings up?

I’m laughing as I type this.

Yes, I’m THAT dad.

My son cringes, his girlfriend talks, and I listen.

It’s perfect.

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