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List Building School (Virtual Summit Mastery) Free Summit

List Building School (Virtual Summit Mastery) Free Summit

This is an excellent marketing, branding, and list-building strategy if …

You are:

  1. Willing to do the work. (Because it’s a lot of work.)
  2. Are good/can learn to be good on camera and with interviews.
  3. You like people. Talking with them. Keeping them awake, interesting. Lots of people.
  4. Want to reach audiences of partners, players, and experts in your niche.
  5. Did I mention it’s a lot of work?
  6. You want to build your brand. No, really want to. It’s super important.
  7. You want to build your reach, grow your mailing list.
  8. You’re in it for the long term.

Have I scared you off yet?

I just watched most of Navid Moazzez’s introduction video to his current List Building School Free Summit.

It was long. It went into lots of detail.

But…if you want to know more about this, if you’re willing to do the work, if you think this is something for you, then it’s hard to say he’s not your guy.

He’s been there, done that.

In fact, he’s done it over and over for lots of people.

Let me back up. What is a virtual summit? Here’s my “explain it to me like I’m a 7-year-old” description:

A virtual summit is a collection of (usually) video interviews from “experts” in a niche field.

Take the one I just watched. It’s about list building (or building your mailing list). Navid has 40 industry pros in there talking with him for 30-60 minutes giving away all kinds of goodness and tips and tricks and strategies.

How Does the Viewer Benefit?

Free 40 videos for the next few days.

How Does the Expert Benefit?

They get exposure to the audiences of the other experts, can share their own strategies, and possibly can also gain some new fans.

They can probably share in the profits of the Full Access Pass (where the viewer/student buys a pass to watch the videos beyond the time limit).

How Does the Organizer Benefit?

They, depending on how it’s set up, can grow their audience by ALL of the other audience’s new sign-ups. They also get to meet/know the experts, maybe even partner with them on something afterward.

They also reach all of these new audiences with their own brand.

It’s basically a conference and you’re the organizer. But it’s all online. Usually time restricted (limited time) but there are lots of other benefits.

You have dozens of videos together with experts that you can re-use elsewhere: YouTube, podcasts, book.

As much as I railed on it being lots of work (it is), it’s totally up my alley.

I was joking above about interviewing people, talking with them. Being on camera.

I love all that stuff.

It’s completely in my toolbox.

I just have to do it.

So there’s that.

Photo credit: me. Maybe beer brands in Switzerland is too niche?


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