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“I get to be the fun mom.”

“I get to be the fun mom.”
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What if, just for a month, you got to be the parent you wished you were?

You know that gap between who you are and who you wish you were?

Yeah, that one.

It’s either as big as the space between the platform and the metro car.

Or it’s a wonder of the world. Like the Grand Canyon.

This is a snippet snuck out of “Spark Campfire” where we co-write a book in a month and relish in side effects like being the mom you wanted to be.

One of the Spark Campfire students was thrilled that she got to be the fun mom for a month because her son was over the moon about writing a book together with mom.

Usually, dad did the fun stuff and mom was the stickler, the enforcer, the serious one.

Not this month.

Who would you like to be? Even for just a month?

"I get to be the fun mom."
“I get to be the fun mom.” [Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash]
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