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There’s a good chance you won’t get in

There’s a good chance you won’t get in

Well now I REALLY want in.

A friend was showing me a course (more of a coaching package really) her friend was thinking of joining.

I was helping my friend her friend with her decision to join the course or not.

The course looked great: nice design, hard-hitting copywriting, and it looked legit.

Then it said I might not get in.

Well, now I REALLY want in.

Who knows, maybe they actually do let everyone in. But the fact that they’re “challenging” us by saying we might not be allowed in? Ooh, now you have my attention.

I’ve thought about doing something like this for SPARK. It’s not because I’m mean but because I want:

  1. the right people in
  2. the right group at
  3. the right time with
  4. the right motivation.

Is that so crazy? It’s win-win, right? If my students are successful, the program is successful, and it’s better for future students.

Oops, did you catch the part about the students being successful?

If that’s what happens, then everything around it falls into place.

You want in?
Let’s see if you qualify…

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