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2,500 Posts in 2,500 Days

2,500 Posts in 2,500 Days

Words, audio, video.

Page, podcast, stage.

Ebook reader, audiobook earbuds, screen.

Bit of a revelation, almost feeling “nostalgic” back to the simple days of “Write Every Day.”

I’m creating.

I’m recording, narrating.


It’s not just that it’s more fun, but it’s deeper fun, more “meaningful” fun.

I’m getting my message across not with just words on a page but with audio into your ears and video into your eyes.

Here are a few videos (and audio) from the past 100 days that I’ve had fun with.

The deeper I go, the more the concepts get simpler, smaller, easier.

  • Fun
  • Easy
  • Flow

Look at those short words. Nothing about Amazon ad ROI in there. No read-through rates or views, followers, or even dollars.

I just wanna have fun.

Meaningful, long-lasting, memorable fun.

Is that so hard?


When you change your mind, you change your mind.

From Decide.

We’re talking neurons.

Give the Gift of You

From upcoming book, Create.

Would you like to be a part of the creation? Waiting for me to ask you? I’m asking.

UM: Unexpected Magic or Unexplained Madness

This is where I feel at home: on stage in front of strangers with no script, no filters, and no fear.

That’s what I’ve been up to these last 100 days.

Here’s what I’m up the next 100: Spark Campfire.

Pull up a tree stump, grab a marshmallow, and let’s create something together.

See you in 100 days.

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