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The Power of Chicks

The Power of Chicks

If fluffy little baby chicks can influence their power over a mechanical robot, what might we humans be capable of?

There’s a YouTube video below (yes, it’s in French) from a scientist named Dr. René Peoc’h, Ph.D. In a nutshell, he shows that baby chicks have some sort of physical influence over the actions of a robot.

Let’s just say the same thing again with different words.

Cute little baby chicks, just one day old, their brains as large as a sunflower seed, with almost no experience in mind over matter or meditation or experience in anything at all, really, are changing the course of a random event-generating computer.

Stay with me here for just a minute.

There are no strings. No trick cameras. Just chicks who want their “mommy” (they think the robot is their mommy, read more about that below), and then this green robot that draws lines, at random, on a paper.

Yet their thoughts influence the actions of the robot.

The Power of Chicks Interview Series

I first saw the chicks video below several years ago. Then several weeks ago, I was approached by Erin Attwood (of ImproveU Nutrition) about participating in her “The Power of Chicks” Interview Series.

There are 30 interviews with a variety of experts helping you with “inner and outer change.”

Seriously? “Inner and outer change.” Did you see the video below yet? The “inner change” from the chicks influences the “outer change” of the robot.

Can we get any closer to perfect?

Watch the chicks below but then tune into the interview series (which begins Feb. 17, 2019) to see how you can empower your inner chick.

The following is from a YouTube comment from Margo Dousouky which explains it all concisely.

Dr. René Peoc’h, Ph.D., demonstrated the power of intention with newly hatched baby chicks. When chicks hatch, they usually imprint on their mother, bonding with her and following her around. But if the mother isn’t there when the chicks hatch, they’ll imprint on the first moving object they encounter. For example, if a chick first sees a human, it will follow the human around in the same way.

For his study, Peoc’h built a special type of random event generator: a computerized robot that would turn randomly as it moved around an arena, going right 50 percent of the time and going left 50 percent of the time. As a control, he first recorded the robot’s path in the arena with no chicks present. He found that over time, the robot covered most of the arena equally. Next, Peoc’h exposed newly hatched chicks to the robot. As expected, they imprinted on the robot as if it was their mother and followed it all over the arena. After the chicks had imprinted on the robot, he removed them from the arena and put them in a cage on one side, where they could see the robot but not move toward it.

What happened next was astonishing—the intention of the baby chicks to be near to what they believed to be their mother (in this case, the robot) actually influenced the random movements of the robot. It no longer moved all over the arena but instead remained in the half of the arena closest to the chicks. The intentions of baby chicks influenced the movements of a computerized robot.

Margo Dousouky (via YouTube comment)

If just the “intention” (the want, the need, the focus, the thoughts) of darling little baby chicks can do that, what can we do?

Peoc’h’s results seem to suggest that consciousness can influence things and events at a distance.


More on The Power of Chicks

  • Breaking out of thought prison Once upon a time, there was a French scientist called René Peoc’h, who had some strange ideas about how consciousness might be able to influence things and events at a distance. … Bearing in mind that the robot doesn’t possess consciousness and the chicks possess at least a rudimentary consciousness, it could be argued that the chicks are somehow able to cause the robot to move towards them and to keep it nearby. Forgive me for labouring the point: the chicks appear to be able to influence the robot’s behaviour.
  • Thoughts are Things At the end of the trials, the results were tallied. In seventy-five percent of the cases the machine turned toward the baby chicks, while turning away only 25 percent of the time. This may not sound like much, but this is huge! That is a major and very significant deviation from randomness. The baby chicks were literally effecting how the machine operated with only their conscious intent. If day-old baby chicks can have that kind of impact on a machine, imagine what we are capable of with our brains!
The Power of Chicks
The Power of Chicks [Photo by Michael Anfang on Unsplash]


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    The YouTube comment you’ve referenced is actually straight from the Joe Dispenza book Being Supernatural

    • Bradley

      Absolutely! Yes, I’m pretty sure I first saw this video at a Dr. Joe event! Thanks for the comment!



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