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8 days. You. Creating.

I’ve been searching for ways to make an easy, simple, and quick way to help people get started creating.

It’s getting a little less “new” to say this, but, “I learned of this during my morning meditation.” But I’m here to say that … I learned of this during my morning meditation.

— Bradley

Eight days of a mini-course and/or mail sequence to get people creating in just 8 days.

Want the bonus, extra special, dance remix version? Create 28 will be the 4-week version (and cost $28).

Cre8 will be free to those who read Create.

That’s all for now!


I see a variety of “media” to create. Not just writing and __________ (drawing, etc.) but, for example:

  • Create | Focus
  • Create | Clarity
  • Create | Abundance
  • Create | Freedom
  • Create | Peace
  • Create | Habits
  • Create | Happiness

Sound like fun?

Then and/or maybe verbs/actions:

  • Create | Draw
  • Create | Sing
  • Create | Write
  • Create | Photograph
  • Create | Narrate
  • Create | ???

This is fun already.

A few guidelines or parameters (again, this stuff just comes to me clearly so I have to write it down … see how I’m walking the talk?).

The Instruction / Guidance

The “instruction” (video, audio) each day, the lesson, the guidance, must be:

  • Under 2 minutes

This is because my electric toothbrush also goes off after two minutes. This means:

  • We have the time each morning (because we’re brushing our teeth each morning anyway, aren’t we?)
  • It’s quick
  • It’s easy
  • It’s simple

The Instructor / Leader / Teacher

I’d love for this to not always be me.

What if a famous audiobook narrator gave you one tip to narrate a story? Maybe he shows you how to use pauses. Then your action, your creation, for the day is to narrate a short piece of work. Maybe that piece is offered to you, maybe you find something on your own.

  • A singer gave you a secret tactic to bring out another voice you didn’t know you had.
  • An artist taught you something about color and you colored something quickly.
  • An illustrator helped you with drawing a ______________.
  • A fiction writer had you begin a fantasy story.
  • A nonfiction writer asked you for help to outline your new product or idea.
  • A copywriter worked with you to get your idea clear and into 6 words.

I’m having fun just creating this thing.

Output, Accountability, Public

Again, maybe I’m so comfortable with this that I no longer care or it no longer bothers me but I’d love for each participant to post 8 days of their 8 creations on a, for example, free site (that they created the day before as prep).

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